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Real Estate
It is much easier (and less expensive) to get real estate transactions done right the first time. At Shlomo Zarfati Law office we can add value to real estate transactions for our clients, simply because we see real estate deals from all sides and know how they work from the inside.
We represent local and foreign clients in the sale, acquisition, lease and construction of commercial and residential property. We also handle transactions relating to real estate purchasing groups, combination and urban renewal projects such as NOP 38.
Our services include support in all legal aspects of real estate transactions including due diligence, zoning, planning and licensing, financing, tax planning, negotiations with governmental and municipal authorities (Israeli Land Administration, Land of Registry Office, Real Estate Tax Authority and planning and construction comities) and final registration in the relevant registry.
In addition, we represent clients in disputes arising from varied real estate relationships including litigation that sometimes follows.
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