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Intellectual Property
Intellectual property can be a company or an entrepreneur's most valuable asset, with which they can develop a product, launch a business and grow. But before taking any action to maximize those precious intangible assets, it is vital to protect them.
At Shlomo Zarfati Law Office we take a multidisciplinary approach to today’s emerging issues in the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property assets. We select the right options to fit each client’s business strategy in order to maximize and protect the commercial potential of its brands, ideas and technological advances.
We offer our clients a range of IP services that include counseling, filing, litigation and licensing in patent, trademark, designs and copyright matters. Our clients range from large well-based corporations to individual entrepreneurs and small companies in their first steps of development.
In addition, we are able to register a range of intellectual property rights worldwide through our network of relationships with trademark and patent attorneys in countries across the globe, who can be consulted should the need arise.
Litigation and Enforcement
We represent clients as plaintiffs and defendants before the Israeli civil courts and appellate courts in claims involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement, passing off, unfair competition, trade secret misappropriation and varied IP related transactional disputes. We also handle oppositions and other related actions before the Israeli Patents and Trademarks Office. In addition, we advise clients on all aspects related to infringement and validity of intellectual property rights for offensive and defensive purposes.
We excel at communicating technological concepts and legal positions to judges in a clear and compelling manner. Our goal is to place our clients in a superior position in every litigation case.
Technology Transactions
Within the scope of our IP practice, we also advise clients on a broad range of technology issues today’s businesses are facing. We structure, draft and negotiate intellectual property and technology transactions. These transactions include licensing and transferring IP rights, digital content, technical know-how and trade secrets, information technology transactions (including software licensing), strategic alliances, collaborations, partnerships, franchising and distribution.
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