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At Shlomo Zarfati Law Office we provide aggressive, focused and result-oriented legal representation while constantly keeping our clients’ business needs and objectives in mind. Representing local and foreign clients as plaintiffs and defendants, we have been involved in numerous complex litigations in Israel over recent years. We effectively advocate for our clients’ business interests in all legal instances including the Israeli civil courts, appellate courts, arbitration tribunals, governmental and quasi-judicial authorities.
While we have handled a broad array of disputes, our principal areas of litigation experience include:
  • breach of contracts
  • business torts including unfair competition or trade practices, passing off and tortious interference
  • distributor disputes
  • product/service liability
  • real estate including planning and construction
  • intellectual property including patent, trademark, copyright and design litigation
  • technology related disputes
In these key areas, we remain current on changes in the market and in the legal and regulatory environment in order to provide our clients the most relevant and timely counsel available.
Every stage of the litigation is done in full and close consultation with our clients. Together, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of each case and develop optimal strategies for the most efficient and favorable results.
We recognize that efficient litigation requires a balance between the potential financial exposure and other meaningful business interests of our clients, especially when the dispute involves lower stakes. We also know that litigation efficiency may be a critical success factor for our clients. That is why we evaluate actual and potential litigation at the earliest stages in order to determine if the dispute can be resolved quickly and economically. We aim to ensure that the services we provide are cost effective and match the level needed in any particular case.
While we look for creative ways to avoid litigation and resolve disputes at the earliest opportunity, we are always ready to try the case.
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