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Good business advice doesn't come from generalized knowledge of the law. It comes from understanding the issues our clients are facing today, and anticipating those they will have to manage in the future. At Shlomo Zarfati Law Office we work closely with our clients in order to understand the environment in which they work, and to ensure that the services we deliver meet their business needs.
We advise local and foreign clients on a wide range of domestic and cross-border commercial transactions in varied industries. We have vast experience in structuring, negotiating, reviewing and drafting complex as well as more standard commercial agreements such as collaboration, joint ventures, agency, distribution, sales and supply, resale, manufacturing, OEM, consulting, technology transfer and licensing agreements. In addition, we regularly advise clients on matters relating to loans and credit facilities including drafting and negotiating loan agreements, debentures and charges.
We tailor commercial contracts to reflect the position of our clients with a sufficient level of precision so that risk is contained and commercial interests are secured. When agreements have cross-border or foreign law elements, we add value through our network of relationships with attorneys around the world, who can be consulted on local legal aspects of the deal.
Our goal is to assist our clients in promoting their business interests and bringing their products or services to the market as quickly as possible. Systematically, we offer our clients creative and constructive solutions in order to simplify each deal and ensure that the negotiation is fast and cost effective.
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